Waterbear Painting
Waterbear Painting

The Waterbear Painting

Waterbear Painting
Waterbear Painting
  • Waterbear Painting
    Waterbear Painting: detail
Dimensions: 24 by 18 Year Painted: 2003

So, after designing a logo for my friend Nicholas’ noise-infused-psychedelic-minimal-improvisational band called Waterbear, I decided to incorporate the logo type into another creative output. My favorite go-to texture exploration medium is acrylic and oil painting. I enjoy my own style of painting, often fast and within the moment. Sometimes it treats me incredibly well and other times it doesn’t work. I always learn something from each exploration and utilize each step to hone my skill.

Before I start painting I typically have no idea how I want the end-result to look. This is what makes the process and end-result so special to me and it’s pretty much why I paint. The experience of painting. If people like what I create, that’s awesome.

The Process

I typically start with a paint brush, some flat color and quickly cover the canvas. Many times I like to challenge myself in utilizing monochromatic color schemes (as often seen in many of my paintings). I also tend to stick with earth tones and colors that compliment each other (which should go without saying). I embrace plenty of texture, achieved through brush stroke techniques and/or painting with found objects. For example, the FedEx mailer bags that are made of thick nylon or some kind of paper+nylon combination to make them durable, yeah those, they make incredible texture-aids. You crumple them hell out of them and they won’t rip. Then uncrumple the bag, cover one side with plenty of paint, place it over an area of the canvas and act like your painting on the backside. The result is pretty amazing. It’s fun to play with placement too – either on the canvas or disbursement of paint on the crumpled bag.

The process really takes an understanding of color theory, the texture’s relationship with color and proper application.

Nicholas and I have talked about me painting a number of these in different color schemes and selling them at his shows. I think something like this will be ahead in the near future and I’d really love to do it. Hopefully people will buy them.

Thanks for reading and happy interneting.