Earth painting series lead image
Earth painting series lead image

Earth – Revisited

Earth Series Paintings
Earth Series Paintings
  • Earth Series: Orange
    Earth Series: Orange
  • Earth Series: White
    Earth Series: White
  • Earth Series: Black
    Earth Series: Black
Dimensions: Each piece is 18" wide by 24" high. Intended layout: landscape orientation Year Painted: 2013 Price: $600

I haven’t painted, with any kind of consistency, since 2007 or so. 2005 through 2007 were huge years for me; in developing style, color theory, texture techniques, etc. The overarching kind of technique or thought process, which still sticks with me, is that of monochromatic color schemes. My style has always been abstract (likely always will be) and kept to a reserved color palette. I’m a big fan of texture combined with several values of a chosen color. It is the best.

Earth Series

Back in 2006 I completed an intensely textured series of paintings I called simply Earth. There was Part One, Part Two, and Part Three. There was a Part Four that I never uploaded anywhere, mainly because I wasn’t proud of it.

I spent a lot of time texturizing them, and never thought how insane it would be to try to actually paint anything on top of all that mess. The end result fell short of what I envisioned the series being. This was a great idea, and ultimately poor execution; bringing about cause to revisit this series. I loved the texture so much that I had to refine the execution; in an effort to better appreciate the end product. I am really happy with this series now, and feel proud to have them on my walls.

After years of not painting, this was a great series to revisit and resume my forever sporadic painting career.