Recent Records volume two lead image
Recent Records volume two lead image

Recent Records: Volume Two

Lady Lamb. Kendrick. Kamasi.

  • Lady Lamb (the Beekeeper) - After album cover artwork

    Lady Lamb (the Beekeeper)


    I’ve been following Lady Lamb for years. Probably since 2010’s Mammoth Swoon release and the fantastic track Crane Your Neck. Her debut proper album, 2013’s Ripely Pine was good, but it didn’t grab me like I hoped it would; given her promise on Mammoth.

    This record finds Lady Lamb more mature, and I feel like she’s coming into her own as a crazy talented artist.

    Listen to “Billions of Eyes”

  • Kendrick Lamar

    To Pimp a Butterfly

    Kendrick is unquestionably one of the best lyricists and rappers ever. His new record is crazy dense. I’ve listened to it a few times through and still feel like I’m barely scratching surface-level appreciation and comprehension. This thing is a beast.

    The biggest drawback for me is the constant overuse of the n-word. Given the awful racial tension in the past year (especially), the fact that I, myself, am an over-privileged white guy, and well, it doesn’t make me feel great about having these lyrics kick around in my head. Worse yet, I can’t recite these lyrics out loud; which I tend to do unconsciously at times, as I love music/language/lyrics.

    Let’s also call attention to the fact that, being white, I am abhorrently opposed to using/hearing this word. Unfortunately, this is something I’ve learned to mitigate as best I can; as this word/idiom is far too prevalent in the hip-hop/rap world. It’s too bad. I’d like an artist like Lamar to be vehemently opposed to using it as well. He has the power to make this choice more widespread.

    Listen to “I”

  • Kamasi Washington - The Epic album cover artwork

    Kamasi Washington

    The Epic

    Talk about a monster of a jazz record. This thing is crazy.