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Recent Records: Volume Three

Marriages. Earl Sweatshirt. Jamie xx.

  • Marriages - Salome album cover artwork



    I’m a fan of Red Sparrows, so this debut record by two of their members comes with some high expectations. I’m pretty into this.

    I’m digging these tracks: The liar, Santa Sangre, and Salome.

    Listen to “Salome”

  • Earl Sweatshirt

    I Don’t Like Shit, I Don’t Go Outside: An Album by Earl Sweatshirt

    Earl is as impressive as ever, if not more so. The lazy flow, dense lyrics, wrapped up in superb delivery. The production is scratchy and distorts all over itself. I think this will be a grower. This is an incredible year for hip-hop already.

    I’m digging these tracks: Huey, Mantra, Faucet, and Wool.

    Listen to “Grief”

  • Jamie xx

    In Colour

    I’ve mildly enjoyed The XX’s two full length releases; which, in contrast are way more down-tempo and monotone. Beautiful, yes, but full of more lows than highs. Jamie xx’s debut record takes the best parts of the xx’s sound and mixes it in with seriously more up-tempo beats. I’m a fan.

    Listen to “Loud Places”