Recent records volume four lead image
Recent records volume four lead image

Recent Records: Volume Four

Chelsea Wolfe. Ghost. Tribulation.

  • Chelsea Wolfe - Abyss Album Cover Artwork

    Chelsea Wolfe


    This is my favorite Chelsea Wolfe record to date. It’s also her most full-sounding record. It flows well and I can’t think of one inferior track.

    Listen to “Carrion Flowers”

    Album highlights: Carrion Flowers, Iron Moon, Crazy Love
  • Ghost - Meliora album cover artwork



    I’m surprised at how much I enjoy this record. Ghost’s first two records felt off to me – in different ways. 2010’s Opus Eponymousfelt just too serious and like they were trying too hard. Also, revisiting it now, it felt far less immediate and full-sounding. I found the whole

    2012’s Infestissumam felt too much like spooky carnival comedy to me. I know that’s a weird description. The organs are super awesome, as always, but this record still sounds like Ghost trying to find their voice.

    Both previous albums were slower, more sparsely layered; less driving/dynamic/epic. Whatever Ghost changed, man, I love it. Meliora is just plain fun to me. The awesome organs are still here. The cheesy-at-times vocals are present. The whole package is more refined, more full, more fun, and just awesome.

    Listen to “Cirice”

    Album highlights: Spirit, Cirice, Majesty
  • Tribulation

    The Children of the Night

    These guys are crazy. This record, like their previous one, is an interesting blend of thrash, death, and black metal. I haven’t heard their debut, 2009’s The Horror but will do so when I can purchase it digitally. I’m really into this album, and it might end up being my favorite metal record of the year.

    Listen to “Strange Gateways Beckon”

    Album highlights: Strange Gateways Beckon, Melancholia, One Hundred Years