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Recent Records: Volume Six

Kauan. Drudkh. Uncle Acid.

  • Kauan

    Sorni nai

    This is a builder. It’s slow, deliberate, diverse, and tells an epic story.

    Listen to “Sorni Nai (The whole album)”

    Album highlights: Akva, Kit, Khurum
  • Drudkh - A Furrow Cut Short album cover artwork


    A Furrow Cut Short

    I’ve been a big fan of Drudkh for years; loving some albums, feeling neutral about others. This one is pretty great so far. It’s on par with their last few records, and that’s not a bad place to be.

    Listen to “A Furrow Cut Short (The whole album)”

    Album highlights: Cursed Sons 1, Cursed Sons 2, Embers
  • Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats – The Night Creeper album cover artwork

    Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats

    The Night Creeper

    Drug-infused? Drug-produced? Maybe. Creepy and psychedelic? Yes, delicious. Let’s get creepy.

    Listen to “Waiting For Blood”

    Album highlights: Melody Lane, Waiting for Blood, Murder Nights, The Night Creeper