Recent Records March 2017 lead image
Recent Records March 2017 lead image

Recent Records: March 2017

Dirty Projectors. Thundercat. Visible Cloaks. Drake.

  • Dirty Projectors - Dirty Projectors album cover artwork

    Dirty Projectors

    Dirty Projectors

    David Longstreth has started kind of rapping? Weird. I suppose it’s the delivery flavor of the year. I do dig it, but worry it won’t age well. The emotional sentiments on this record are personal and feel invasive at times. However they age, this might be the best Longstreth has ever sounded.

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    Album highlights: Keep Your Name, Death Spiral, Little Bubble, Winner Take Nothing
  • Thundercat - Drunk album cover artwork



    The lead single on this had me so excited. It’s a very polished record and I say “polished” to a fault. For my taste, Thundercat’s vocal production is flat and monotone. It’s odd because it comes off much better live than on the record. It’s not bad, it’s just too much for a full record in one sitting. The songs here are pretty wonderful, but those are my initial thoughts after listening to it a few times through.

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    Album highlights: A Fan's Mail (Tron Song Suite II), Show You the Way, Walk on By, Them Changes, Drunk
  • Visible Cloaks - Reassemblage album cover artwork

    Visible Cloaks


    This is my kind of chill out record. It’s got bamboo flute vibes, mixed with eerie Angelo Badalamenti vibes. Full-on ambient textured psychedelic goodness.

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  • Drake - More Life album cover artwork


    More Life

    Ugh, Drake. Every album I get ready to hate, but can’t help but listen. Slowly one or two songs become earworms. This “playlist” is fine, whatever. A few tracks are super infectious. I like that.

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    Album highlights: Get it Together, Madiba Riddim, Passionfruit, 4422