Recent Records August 2017 lead image
Recent Records August 2017 lead image

Recent Records: August 2017

Kesha. Grizzly Bear. Daniel Caesar. BROCKHAMPTON.

  • Kesha - Rainbow album cover artwork



    It’s Kesha without the $. After a very interesting and likely terrible experience with Dr. Luke, Kesha has reinvented herself. Maybe emerging as an artist with more to say than what she has previously been able to say before. Most of the club-banger after club-banger sequencing is gone—with the exception of a few songs. An eclectic variety of music genres replaces it in this new Rainbow project. Kesha can actually sing and I find several songs here very impressive.

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    Album highlights: Bastards, Praying, Woman
  • Grizzly Bear - Painted Ruins album cover artwork

    Grizzly Bear

    Painted Ruins

    Grizzly Bear get all kinds of mellow and meandering on this record. After a couple listens some bits and pieces of songs appeal to me. I can’t help but want more of a climax or build and payoff to the compositions.

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    Album highlights: Mourning Sound, Four Cypresses, Three Rings,
  • Daniel Caesar - Freudian album cover artwork

    Daniel Caesar


    Upon first listen it’s clear that Daniel Caesar has incredible talent. He perfectly straddles the line between r&b, gospel, and soul.

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    Album highlights: Hold Me Now, We Fall Down, Best Part, We Find Love
  • Brockhampton - Saturation II album cover artwork


    Saturation II

    Wow, this crew is not messing around in 2017. They aren’t even done, either. Saturation 3 will be released before the end of the year. If Saturation 1 and 2 are any indication, 3 could be the best yet.

    Saturation 1 impressed me. I feel like the first half of the record was stronger than the last half. This unevenness is also apparent in Saturation 2. However, for whatever reason I find Saturation 2 to be stronger overall than Saturation I.

    My only gripe with Brockhampton is their lyrics. It could go without saying but, some of their subject matter is painfully rooted in their age. They are early 20-somethings and most of their lyrics reflect thoughts common to people in this age group. This isn’t a bad thing but makes them a bit less than enticing to me. I would’ve connected more with their lyrics had they come around when I was in high school or college. The talent and variety the collective showcase throughout the Saturation series is nothing short of amazing.

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    Album highlights: Gummy, Queer, Swamp, Junky, Sweet