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Recent Records: September 2017

LCD Soundsystem. The National. The Killers. Phoebe Bridgers.

  • The National - Sleep Well Beast album cover artwork

    The National

    Sleep Well Beast

    I love the National. This record has some of their most beautiful but crushingly depressing music. The album opener is a slow burner of an earworm. It’s going through my head now.

    Taking this record in as one complete piece and in one listening session is a no-go for me. I need it in smaller doses, interspersed with other, more upbeat songs or it’s too much. It’s a pretty solid record.

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    Album highlights: Nobody Else Will Be There, Walk it Back, The System Only Dreams in Total Darkness, Carin at the Liquor Store
  • The Killers - Wonderful, Wonderful album cover artwork

    The Killers

    Wonderful Wonderful

    While this may not be the greatest The Killers record it has some infectious tunes. I’m a relatively new fan of The Killers and tend to prefer this later style of sound. The faster paced rock tunes of their earlier records are great, too, but this 80s nostalgic romancecore is kinda wonderful. Would you look at that.

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    Album highlights: Run For Cover, The Man, Wonderful, Wonderful
  • LCD Soundsystem - American Dream album cover artwork

    LCD Soundsystem

    American Dream

    It still kills me that I actually enjoy LCD Soundsystem now. Previously I dismissed them due to the degree of obnoxiousness found on singles such as Drunk Girls and Pow Pow. Today I actually enjoy those songs, too.

    This record sold me on their older material. I think something must have clicked and now I appreciate all of their records. The Talking Heads worship is strong with this bunch — and I adore it.

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    Album highlights: Oh Baby, I Used To, Change Yr Mind, Tonite.
  • Phoebe Bridgers - Stranger in the Alps album cover artwork

    Phoebe Bridgers

    Stranger in the Alps

    This record has such a great feel. I’ve only listened to it half way through but I’m seriously enjoying it.

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    Album highlights: Signals, Motion Sickness, Funeral