Aerate project lead image


Aerate is a tool that helps automate frontend performance testing on a  project. My contributions to the project included logo design and designing the UI.

  • Aerate logo exploration

    Aerate logo exploration

    Exploring logo treatments around the word aerate. Each concept focused on bubbles representing air being introduced into something.

  • Aerate final logo

    Final logo

    The chosen logo has an understated upward arrow made up of aeration bubbles. The typeface, Verlag, has characteristics that complement the aeration bubbles.

  • Aerate ui results

    Simple and clear UI

    This is the frontend UI for Aerate—showing a visual representation of the CLI-based test output.

  • Aerate ui results pass and fail

    Clear visual distinction between passed and failed tests

    Each test is clearly styled using green, red, and iconography to indicate test results.

My contributions

  • Visual Design, Front-End Development