Recent records volume eight lead image
Recent records volume eight lead image

Recent Records: April 2016

Jack Garrett. Witchcraft. Damien Jurado.

  • Jack Garratt - Phase album cover artwork

    Jack Garratt


    Jack Garratt is like a more pop-oriented dancehall James Blake. His debut record proves to be a solid start to a promising career. He gets a lot of details right. Soaring vocals, a natural sense for infectious melodies and dance grooves, coupled with some risks. There are detailed instrumentals on displayed throughout this record that deviates from typical mainstream garbage.

    Upon first few listens I was somewhat overwhelmed by perceived cheesiness found in some of the lyrics. However, after a few months of listening, this record has proven to be solid and a welcomed upbeat fountain of joy throughout my work days.

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  • Witchcraft - Nucleus album cover artwork



    Witchcraft’s 2012 record Legend was their first album that really grabbed me. I’m hoping this record grows on me more over the course of 2016. After a couple listens I’m a bit underwhelmed.

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  • Damien Jurado - Visions of us on Land album cover artwork

    Damien Jurado

    Visions of Us on the Land

    Damien first caught my ear with 1999’s Rehearsals for Departure. That was a sparse record full of intimate folk songs. He’s come a long way. I’ve found myself listening to this record so much that I’m inclined to revisit his older records.

    Visions of Us on the Land finds Damien at his most complex, sonically.

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