My name is Joe Tower. I design user-focused experiences.

I live in the Nokomis Neighborhood of Minneapolis, MN, with my partner and two dogs. I am a print designer, turned web designer, turned front-end developer, turned wannabe programmer (trying to do it all). During the day I work as a senior designer and frontend engineer at Four Kitchens.

I make websites performant, visually pleasing, accessible, and user-friendly.

I am a film nerd, technology lover, music snob, occasional painter, enthusiast photographer, and world traveler. When it comes to food I am vegetable obsessed and prefer savory to sweet. Indian and Ethiopian foods are my absolute favorites.

About this site

This site is continually being redesigned, retooled, reimagined. Right now, it’s utilizing Sass, flexbox, grid, and Jekyll for content authoring.


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