Recent records volume nine lead image
Recent records volume nine lead image

Recent Records: May 2016

Aesop Rock. James Blake. Yeasayer. The Joy Formidable.

  • Aesop Rock - the Impossible Kid album cover artwork

    Aesop Rock

    The Impossible Kid

    I’ve loved Aesop since he dropped the Appleseed EP in 1999. Since then he’s only become a more exceptional rapper and lyricist. Ever the dense lyricist, The Impossible Kid finds Aesop at his most fun and coherent. It also contains some of his most personal songs since Labor Days. This record grabbed my attention quicker than his records between it and Labor Days. It’s looking to be a great year for hip-hop.

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  • James Blake - The Colour in Anything album cover artwork

    James Blake

    The Colour in Anything

    To call this my most anticipated record of 2016 would fall short of emphasizing the magnitude of anticipation. I’ve only been listening to it for roughly a week and a half as of this posting, being that it was just released. So far I don’t want to say I’m underwhelmed, but the record seems very uneven. Some tracks have floored me on initial listen, but most fall kinda flat. At least if I’m drawing a comparison to the immediate admiration his debut and 2013’s Overgrown placed upon me.

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  • Yeasayer - Amen & Goodbye album cover artwork


    Amen & Goodbye

    I really adore Yeasayer and I’ve only increased that admiration since 2010’s fantastic Odd Blood release. They have this hard-to-describe sound that feels both youthful, forward-thinking, yet wise in its years. Already after a month since its release, I’ve found myself very fond of and enamored with this record.

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  • The Joy Formidable - Hitch album cover artwork

    The Joy Formidable


    Solid catchy rock record right here. This is full of solid rock tunes. So far, this third album from this Welsh trio. It’s been keeping me focused while coding away websites at my day job.

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