Recent Records June 2016 lead image
Recent Records June 2016 lead image

Recent Records: June 2016

Katatonia. Margaret Glaspy. Whitney. GoGo Penguin.

  • Katatonia - Fall of Hearts album cover artwork


    Fall of Hearts

    This is perhaps the first Katatonia record that hasn’t immediately grabbed a hole and consumed my soul and my headphones. I’m hoping it’s a grower. Upon several listens it seems to be missing that signature Katatonia sound that has kept me spinning their records on repeat all winter long. Hoping this one will start clicking in November, maybe?

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  • Margaret Glaspy

    Emotions and Math

    What a debut record this is right here. Margaret’s raspy delivery, distorted riffs, and thoroughly nuanced debut record is a memorable one. Call her 2016’s answer to Courtney Barnett or just a fine blend of Joni Mitchell and Elliott Smith; I call her great.

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  • Whitney- Light Upon the Lake album cover artwork


    Light Upon the Lake

    2016 might be the year of outstanding debut records. There have been several remarkable debut records release and this one is no exception. Take some organs, country swagger, a nice falsetto, and some solid grooves and you’ve got Whitney. They make me happy that Smith Westerns broke up, though I kinda enjoyed their records, too.

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  • GoGo Penguin - Man Made Object album cover artwork

    GoGo Penguin

    Man Made Object

    I wasn’t very familiar with GoGo Penguin prior to this record. I’m a sucker for piano-driven jazz records and plenty of songs on this scratch that itch. In fact, the trio of drums, piano, and bass suits these compositions very well. I’ve been making a concerted effort to listen to more modern jazz albums, and this year is proving to be a win on all counts.

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